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Lima is the capital of the Republic of Peru city. It is located on the central coast of the country , along the Pacific Ocean , forming a vast and populous urban area known as the Lima Metropolitan flanked by coastal and desert...
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Destinations: "ASIA Y MEDIO ORIENTE"


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China is the second largest nation in the world, second only to Russia in terms of size and is larger than Europe and Oceania. Polytheistic and syncretic, in Chinese society dominates budismo.Entre Taoism and its many tourist at...
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 Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that borders Cambodia and Laos to the east, Myanmar to the west and Malaysia to the south. The eastern coast faces the Gulf of Thailand and the western coast is bathed by the Andaman Sea...
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Europe and Istanbul  
  Europe Europe is a destination for demanding tourists, interested in knowing, learning, traveling and enjoying all these places that this region offers, so full of history and cultural riches, places so millennial ...
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